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Get The most advanced remote Ethical Hacking services; Anywhere in the WORLD!

Dark Age Technology is your #1 Solution for Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Remote Spying and Surveillance.

Get exclusive remote access into any target device or database from anywhere in the world.

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Remote Hacking

Get full Remote access into your target devices without physical contact or installation of any spy app or software.

100% Anonymous

Explore our safe and secure services, all exploits are anonymous and undetectable, leaving no leaks or traces.

Data Security

Monitor your employees and secure your company's database. Get premium access into any website and database.

Online support

We provide 24/7 online support and all conversations are protected through heavy SHA-256 and AES encryption.

Enjoy top Monitoring Features

Call Monitoring

Monitor and record target's incoming and outgoing calls. Retrieve Call logs; Current and Deleted.

Text Messages

Get access to view all incoming or outgoing text messages on target's device; current and deleted.

Contacts List

Remotely view and retrieve contact lists as it is stored on target's device.

Gallery Files

View all pictures and videos stored on target's device; retrieve saved and deleted files.

GPS Location

View location history and live updates of target's device. Get longitude & latitude coordinates for navigation Map and API.

Social Media

Read all chats and get updates on activities of social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, InstaGram, Line, Tinder & more.

Ambient Listening

Get remote control of the device microphone to record and listen in on sounds around the target.

Advanced Keylogger

Monitor keystrokes on target's device. Get passwords to bypass security & 2FA security.

Website History

Monitor the browser history of target's device, including search history both in normal and Incognito mode.

Data Alerts

Get live updates and alerts on general activities. Download target's cloned data using a virtual clone interface.

Hack Any Device or Database


Get access into iOS and Android devices. Spy on messages, applications, phone calls & surroundings with powerful features that comes with our Virtual Clone interface. Equipped With advanced tools to retrieve deleted files.


Spy on any computer with our powerful remote virtual interface. Dark Age Technology has the best computer hacking software for monitoring popular IM chats & emails and monitoring general activities on a Windows PC & Mac devices.


Hack into any website for upgrading of your school grades and also for repair of credit scores. Monitor web activities and view browsing history. Control access into any site for parental control or for company employees and much more.


Secure company's database or get exclusive access into any database for data mining or retrieving of information and files. Take advantage of our Bitcoin mining and trading service for daily and weekly profits from investments.

Explore More Advanced Remote Services

Dark Age Technology has the most advanced remote hacking services for personal and business needs.

Ethical Hacking

Get the most advanced ethical hacking from anywhere you are in the world. Use our high tech remote hacking tools to penetrate and monitor any device.

Cyber Security

Protect your company’s website and database with the help of our cyber security and forensic team against cyber threats, data mining, malicious codes and more.

Social Media

Remotely hack and monitor any social media account. Read chats, get live updates on activities and much more with our Social Engineering technique.

Website Hacking

Penetrate into any company website and hack into the information mainframe and control panel to either mine and edit data or disrupt the server.

Funds Transfer

Join a wide range client based network from all over the globe mutually helping each other financially. Double your investment returns in less than 60 minutes.

Grade Upgrades

Use our corporate service by getting access into any school’s database system to upgrade your grades, missed classes, and related service.

Credit Score Fix

Fix your credit scores, clear bad reports, pay debts and much more with our advanced services at your finger tips. Contact us today and get a free quote now.

Bitcoin Trading

Take advantage of the lucrative Bitcoin trading market today. We can help you make good and profitable trades with our Bitcoin mining platform.

You can totally rely on Dark Age Technology

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We are a fully accredited and certified cyber security and ethical hacking company.


Our service charge are very reasonable and are according to the packages you need.


We officially have a refund policy for unsuccessful jobs done, thereby ensuring customer’s satisfaction 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

You can subscribe to our packages by requesting a quote or completing and submitting a simple contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Different jobs have different timing depending on the volume of work involved and the level of security on the target’s device. However, in most cases, we can complete a job within a couple of hours or within 1 or 2 days based on the task priority and the volume of work.

It depends on the nature of the service we are providing. In some cases, we will have to setup a complete clone of target’s device on a better device and ship that to you.

All our conversations runs through SHA-256 encryption and are totally safe and secure, allowing no leaks or interruptions.

All our services are anonymous and discreet. Target will not be aware of the current hacking and monitoring process and would be able to use their devices normally.

The answer is NO, as this is a remote hacking package where devices are monitored without installation of any spy app. We will do the work for you.

The program will continue to run regardless if the target phone number or phone was been changed. In very rare cases, we only have to do minor tweaks to restore the secure link or opened backdoor connection.

All hacked files and datas are encrypted in a way that only the clients get to see those private and sensitive information through a virtual clone interface.

Our prices are flexible and it all depends on the package you selected and the vigor of work involved.

Anything related to target will be helpful and makes the process faster, However we need data based on the request you submitted, for an example if you want to hack a WhatsApp messenger, You need to submit a linked phone number to the target’s device and so on.

We don’t accept payments via Credit cards and PayPal due to security reasons. Note: We advice that you never disclose any of your financial details to unreliable hackers online generally.

In such cases where your job experienced any unresolved challenges, we will transfer your case to our refunds department, They will open a ticket for you and process a refund within 3-4 working days from cancellation date.

We offer the highest level of customer care support possible to all of our customers. Our agents are available online 24/7 to answer all of your questions and even walk you through the process if necessary.

Yes, you can remotely monitor target phone or tablet from your own phone or on a computer or laptop device too. However, for best monitoring experience, we recommend monitoring through a PC.

You can contact our Customer Support agents to guide you through the cancelation and deactivation procedure. All your data will be erased permanently from our servers as you cancel.

We advise you speak to our support agent through a live chat if you have any more questions.

We have 100% track records from our client as well as highest return hire rate

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