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is one the most advanced cyber security and ethical hacking company in the world today

With Advanced tools and softwares for Securing or Proliferating Any System or Network Operation And Monitoring of Computers and Mobile Devices.

DARK AGE TECHNOLOGY is one of the industry’s leading cyber security company that play both side of the coin in either providing security services or penetration and testing services with top class certified professionals and advanced tools and softwares for monitoring crossplatform devices like: Androids, iOS, Windows Mobile, Nokia-Symbian, Windows PC and Mac PC.

Who Are We

We are a Cyber Security company with the most advanced ethical hacking tools for the present digital age. Every member of our team is well experienced in their various niches. We have; Certified Ethical Hackers, Computer Engineers, Cyber Security Experts, Reverse Engineers, Digital Forensic Specialists, Programmers, Private investigators and many more on our team.

What We Do

We provide professional services for Personal monitoring needs and also for Companies and Business owners who want to monitor the activities of their employees, secure company’s database and prevent cyber threats and attacks or unwanted exposure of data. We have more than 10 years of experience in security issues and our aim is to satisfy our customers demands.

Our Mission

With the fast evolution of cyber threats and attacks and also the increase of daily reliance on digital technologies, it is no wonder why cyber security faces the greatest challenge in this present day.

Using the latest technologies, we provide technical services and resources to assist individuals and companies with remote ethical hacking, digital monitoring and surveillance or with advanced security against complex cyber threats and attacks.

Our Goal is to make your digital life safe, secure and hassle-free.

Our Team

Dark Age Technology team of certified professionals work with advanced tools and softwares of top quality to tackle all modern digital and cyber technological issues from digital monitoring and surveillance to ethical hacking and cyber security. Our team is equipped with innovative minds that have brought together top class ideas which has helped us meet customer’s demands for years. Today, more than 700 certified professionals globally are investing their time and efforts to change the face of technology with remote ethical hacking, spying and surveillance, cyber security and data management.

Our History

In 2008, Dark Age Technology Emerged from the Dark web community to provide professional services to customers on the surface web who needed genuine remote ethical hacking and cyber securtiy services. Ever since then, our reputation as one of the most advanced information and digital technology company is fast on the rise and has paved way for us to reach a vast network of customers from around the globe. Being the best out of many to provide advanced remote hacking services, we are leading in the industry with our top class techniques and tools for remote spying and surveillance, GPS tracking and monitoring, live call recording or interceptions and many more packages for all Android, Blackberry, iOS devices or Symbian platforms.

Why Choose Us?

Dark Age Technology provides the most advanced and genuine services aiming at 100% customers’ satisfaction at all times.

We have the best tools for carrying out discreet and undetectable remote hacking and monitoring  services on mobile devices, social media accounts and more.

Have your job handled by our certified and experienced team to provide you with advanced ethical hacking and cyber security services for the value of your money.

we have the most advanced Secure and reliable hacking features where all data is encrypted and protected and only you can access it.

Be rest assured that our team are always dedicated and committed to give you desired results. We work with a project coordinator that ensures that all jobs are done to customers satisfaction.

We work with flexible and affordable price that depends on the level of work involved or the packages that are required.

Customer support is an important part of our services and we have an ever ready OTA  support team that is online 24/7 to assist customers with various issues.

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